Laura's Story

Laura Tambin was diagnosed with glaucoma as a new-born and underwent her first eye operation at three days old.

She is now 25 and lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. She recently graduated from Northumbria University with a Master’s in human resource management and is currently in Melbourne, Australia for a three-month internship. Laura only has sight in one eye, which is affected by glaucoma.

Laura TambinDespite her early diagnosis, it wasn’t until Laura started secondary school that her condition started to have an impact on her life. It was then that she realised she couldn’t see the whiteboard in the classroom. It did not dawn on her that she could actually lose her sight to the condition until she was in her late teens. It was only when she started attending appointments without her parents, as a young adult, that she started asking more questions to better understand her condition.

Laura didn’t fully understand her condition growing up.  She wishes that the medical staff she met had had conversations with her, and not just her parents.

This experience has galvanised Laura and she now wants to help other children and young people who are going through similar experiences. She is ambitious, hardworking and resolute, determined to not let her visual impairment stop her from travelling, working and doing all the things other 25-year-olds want to do. Laura recently signed up to become a volunteer buddy with IGA and hopes to support other people living with glaucoma and visual impairment.