Kelly's story

Kelly Seres has two children with glaucoma. She lives in Barnsley and wants to tell her story to raise awareness of this type of glaucoma.

Thomas Seres

'As soon as Thomas, was born we knew something was wrong: his eyes were cloudy blue. The next day it was confirmed as glaucoma. We had to go to Moorfields, London for an operation. This was so scary and upsetting as we did not know what to expect. Every month Thomas had examinations under anaesthetic, regular procedures and many drops. For the next few months we lived at Moorfields: things were very hard.’

Thomas had around 50 operations, which included two trabeculectomies, three shunts, three corneal grafts and many more. Despite all this and living with little sight, Thomas - now 19 - is independent and lives life to the full.

Kelly went on to have six more children without eye problems until three years ago when she gave birth to her youngest daughter, Rebecca.


‘The day she was born, I remember my husband and I looking at her when she opened her eyes, we looked at each other and my heart sank as I knew what was wrong. For me it was heart-breaking as we knew this time what to expect; all the operations, pain and drops. However, unlike Thomas, Rebecca had a very good chance of decent vision as her eyes were very much clearer than Thomas’ were.’

Rebecca – now nearly four - had three shunts put in, and Kelly has a constant battle to ensure her sight is retained, but hopefully the worst is over.

As a parent watching my children go through so much is hard, but I will be by their side every step of the way and hopefully one day there will be a cure for children like mine. I am grateful that the IGA is looking into how best to support families, children and young people with glaucoma’.