Childhood and early-onset glaucoma

Supporting younger people and preventing sight loss

Boy having eye test

The risk of having or developing glaucoma increases with age, but did you realise babies, children and young adults can also have the condition? We estimate that around 27,000 people aged between 18 and 40 in the UK have glaucoma and that at least 100 children are diagnosed each year. No one actually knows the total number of children in the UK with glaucoma which illustrates that this is a neglected area.

Laura Tambin

Thomas Seres

'The first time my son had an operation I handed him over to the nurse to take to theatre, it broke my heart and I promised myself no matter how hard, I would always go in with him. No one told us at the time what the treatment for glaucoma was like and I didn't realise how much pain my son would have to go through.'

Kelly Seres.