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Gifts in wills make a difference

Did you know that around 60% of our glaucoma support services are only possible thanks to the generosity of wonderful supporters, who leave gifts in their wills? This makes such a difference to the work and support services we can run.

A properly written will ensures everything is handled efficiently and reflects your wishes about the interests of your family, friends and the causes closest to you. Making a will ensures your wishes are carried out, but it is also an opportunity to do something amazing.

Naturally, you want to take care of family and loved ones first and foremost.  But we hope that you might consider remembering the work of the IGA at the same time.

Every gift we receive, large or small, directly helps us represent the voices of people living with glaucoma. It helps us champion the needs of those at risk, and ensures that if people are diagnosed, they have the advice, care and treatment that helps them retain useful sight for life.

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We understand that giving donations of this sort is private between you and your family, but should you have queries or like to know more, we have a leaflet that gives useful information and advice on how to make a will.  To request a copy or to talk confidentially please email or call 01233 64 81 64.

Every gift left to the IGA, no matter how large or small, will make a difference.

Hayley Burke with her daughter

"It was a shock when I was diagnosed. I thought that it was a condition that only affected older people. I wasn’t aware that close relatives of someone with glaucoma are at an increased risk of developing the condition." 

Hayley Burke was diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes, when aged 39. She is pictured here with her daughter Amy Louise.

"My dad had glaucoma and now that I have been diagnosed too, I am concerned that my daughter, Amy Louise (aged 24) and son Ashley (aged 21), may also develop glaucoma. It gives me confidence to know that the IGA will be there to support my family in the future and this is because of people leaving gifts in their wills to the charity.  I am grateful to all those who have given in this way – thank you."

As Hayley was diagnosed early, her life carries on as it was before. She has lost some peripheral vision, but takes eye drops twice a day to control her glaucoma. With your help, we will be able to reach more people and continue to be here for everyone, like Hayley and her family, from diagnosis onwards.

For more information on how to support people like Hayley and her family by leaving the IGA a gift in your will, download the IGA legacy leaflet here or should you prefer to have a confidential conversation please contact us by calling 01233 64 81 64 or emailing

If you have already made a will and the only change you wish to make is to help the International Glaucoma Association, you can do so by completing a Codicil. A form is available here for you to download here

Visit the HMRC website and find out more about inheritance tax