Meet the Sightline Team

Helen Doe, Sightline Manager

Helen Doe‘I’m a qualified ophthalmic nurse and IGA’s Sightline Manager. I’m proud to help people maintain their eye health and sight whenever possible.  Sightline makes a difference both emotionally and practically. People who are living alone with no one to turn to for support like to discuss with us how they feel and the decisions they are making. Often people in this situation need advice or reassurance when they think that something’s wrong after treatment or surgery.  We’ll usually be able to put their minds at rest, but we do sometimes urge people to seek immediate medical attention when we feel it’s necessary.  Sometimes people call us back to let us know what happened and that’s lovely. Occasionally we’ll pick up on unexpected issues during a call – for example that the caller’s on medication that doesn’t work well with their glaucoma meds: that wasn’t the reason they called but it needs acting on, and we can pick up on that.  People are often very thankful for our time and advice, and that’s a lovely feeling.

‘About a fifth of our calls are about driving. People ring with concerns about the DVLA eye test, reapplying for driving licences and how to adjust if a deterioration in their sight has resulted in the loss of their driving licence.’

Patricia Barron-Ganszczyk, Sightline Advisor

Trish‘I love helping people come to terms with their glaucoma and answer the questions they don’t have time to ask in the eye clinic.

Many callers are confused and not sure what type of glaucoma they have, how to use their drops or even why they have been prescribed them.

I go through everything, and by the end of the call they are more informed and more confident in managing their glaucoma correctly. Finishing a call knowing I’ve helped someone is priceless.’

Evelyn’s story
Evelyn's Story

‘Sightline helped me to understand and cope with my many glaucoma-related eye problems. They listened to me intently and responded with such clarity.’

Hear Evelyn’s experience of calling Sightline.

Hear Evelyn's story
Meet the Sightline Team
Meet the Sightline team

‘I am proud to play a part in helping people maintain their eye health and sight whenever possible. I feel that Sightline does make a difference both emotionally and practically, to the people that call us.’

Helen Doe, IGA’s Sightline Manager

Meet the team
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