Evelyn’s story

Evelyn called Sightline for advice about her glaucoma, and here she says the difference that made.


‘I should like to share with you my several experiences of contacting Sightline last year, and to tell you how supportive, helpful and kind Helen and Trish were in helping me to understand and cope with my many glaucoma-related eye problems.  They listened to me intently and responded with amazing clarity.

I have glaucoma in both eyes and have had little or no sight in one eye since 1982 (not due to glaucoma).  My then consultant suggested I should have a form of laser treatment in both eyes, hoping it would preserve what little sight I had.  It was then that I first contacted the IGA’s Sightline and was given helpful information and a full explanation by Helen.

Two sessions of this treatment were completely unsuccessful but did succeed in giving me severe eye inflammation.  Again, I spoke to Helen, who advised me to seek medical help at once.  I was seen at eye A&E and told to take antibiotics, and eventually, the inflammation cleared.  I was seen by the laser consultant as an emergency as I would have soon, very soon, lose what remaining sight I still had. This wonder doctor arranged for me to have a trabeculectomy a few days later. 

Now, after a few mishaps and months of steroid drugs, I am able to see a little and am determined to manage. I attended the IGA’s conference in London last year so that I could hug both Helen and Trish and thank the IGA for being there.  Keep up the excellent work!’

Evelyn, Sightline caller.

Evelyn’s story
Evelyn's Story

‘Sightline helped me to understand and cope with my many glaucoma-related eye problems. They listened to me intently and responded with such clarity.’

Hear Evelyn’s experience of calling Sightline.

Hear Evelyn's story
Meet the Sightline Team
Meet the Sightline team

‘I am proud to play a part in helping people maintain their eye health and sight whenever possible. I feel that Sightline does make a difference both emotionally and practically, to the people that call us.’

Helen Doe, IGA’s Sightline Manager

Meet the team
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