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Having glaucoma (an eye disease that could rob you of your sight) is worrying, complex and challenging to manage. Talking about concerns, receiving practical advice and support is helpful and reassuring. Our glaucoma helpline, Sightline, offers one-to-one help, guidance and information. 

Sponsor a Sightline call and give someone with glaucoma the gift of peace of mind.  You will enable them to access personal support, reassurance and advice on living with glaucoma.

Every day we receive between 10 and 20 calls varying in length and complexity, but on average, it costs £22 to respond to one call.

Trish on the phone
£22 Gives one caller a sympathetic ear and expert advice to discuss their glaucoma, it’s treatment and sight loss concerns away from the busy hospital clinic

On the other end of the line is someone who is worried about losing their sight, or who is facing difficult decisions about their treatment. Some are desperately worried about losing their driving licence or their independence, and others simply need a little practical advice about managing day to day life with glaucoma. 

Evelyn’s story
Evelyn's Story

‘Sightline helped me to understand and cope with my many glaucoma-related eye problems. They listened to me intently and responded with such clarity.’

Hear Evelyn’s experience of calling Sightline.

Hear Evelyn's story
Meet the Sightline Team
Meet the Sightline team

‘I am proud to play a part in helping people maintain their eye health and sight whenever possible. I feel that Sightline does make a difference both emotionally and practically, to the people that call us.’

Helen Doe, IGA’s Sightline Manager

Meet the team
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