Mobile phones and printer cartridges

Do you have any old mobile phones or used inkjet printer cartridges, which could be recycled and benefit the IGA?

Over four million used cartridges (92%) are thrown away each year and end up in landfill sites. Not only is this a huge waste of resources, but the empty inkjets are worth £1 to our charity when recycled.

Did you know that your old mobile can also be recycled?

  • All mobile phones in good condition are recycled by sending them to third word countries to help their growing telecommunication needs - because new mobiles are not an option as they cost too much.
  • Any damaged or poor condition mobiles are reconditioned with other used parts.
  • Totally broken mobiles have the dangerous materials (batteries, plastic) extracted, disposed of properly and recycled where possible.

How often have you heard that a product you use can be recycled which will benefit the environment - only to find that a major hassle is required by YOU to recycle the product. Not any more! 

Just call us or click on the recycling link on our website and insert your details and we will send you a box or supply of freepost bags. Once you have received your bags / box you can order more via the small order form on the back of them 

The bags can be sent free of charge and the boxes will be collected for free too! The proceeds then come to the IGA. On average, this will amount to £1 per inkjet cartridge and £5 per mobile phone (prices may vary).

We have joined up with Recycle4charity who will administer the scheme for us. They accept most inkjet cartridges (the small ones) and all mobile phones, but not Epson ink tanks or laser/toner cartridges (the big ones). The IGA will receive a cheque every quarter for the combined efforts of us all.

Please tell your friends and family and ask your employer if they can get involved in the scheme. The more individuals and companies that we can involve, the more money we raise to benefit glaucoma patients

You can decide to help in three different ways.

1. A collection box (holds over 50 inkjets). This would be suited to being used in a large office, shop or high traffic area. Once you have a minimum of 50 inkjets you can call 01273 400185 and arrange a free collection.

2. A freepost bag (holds 1-3 inkjets or one mobile). Recycle 4charity can send you 5 or 10 freepost bags to be used from home or a small office. Once the inkjet is empty pop it in the bag (holds 2-3 items) and stick it in the post. Don't forget you can order more bags by filling in the form on the back of the bag.

3. You can also check how much you have raised for us via the "view breakdown statement" button on the website. Enter your unique donator ID number (printed on your bags and stated when you sign up) and select the date period you want to view.

For more information, please contact us on 01233 648162 or

You can also access our page directly by clicking here: Recycle4charity - IGA