'Wake Up To My World' by Andrew Coleman

The IGA is delighted to again bring you Andrew's first and wonderful CD consisting of 10 easy listening songs with beautifully written lyrics that will take your breath away.

Andrew has formed a band and performs around the Liverpool area, they are also recording his music on a studio. Andrew has performed in the Royal Albert Hall, in Athens (Greece) and on numerous occasions in Switzerland. His music can be heard on his official website:www.andrewcolemanmusic.com

The IGA would like to take this opportunity to share with you the story of Andrew, a young patient with glaucoma, who, despite his visual impairment, is making his dreams come true. We hope that his story will help many other young glaucoma patients stay positive.



'Through my eyes' by Jay Menon

 Jay Menon is a consultant eye surgeon at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in South Wales, with a sub-speciality interest in glaucoma, one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the UK.

Having always been a keen hobby musician, over the past year Jay recorded an album of 12 self-penned songs, initially as a purely personal project in his spare time. Following the reactions of listeners, he decided to promote the album commercially, with a view to raising funds for a worthwhile charity.

Jay says: 'I quickly realised that this was my 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to achieve something positive and worthwhile - to actually make a difference - with my music. The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) immediately sprang to mind, as a charity that carries out sterling work in raising awareness about glaucoma and one that makes a worthwhile contribution to patient care. I very much wanted to support it and it struck me that I could – and at the same time do something constructive with my music.'

Jay's CD - aptly titled 'Through my eyes' - has now been released is available to purchase from the IGA on-line or over the phone, or directly in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital on the 13th and 20th of May 2010.

'Through my eyes' is an album of 12 of Jay's original songs, and all instruments and vocals, bar a saxophone and a flute solo, were played by him. All proceeds accrue to the charity and he hopes to sell enough copies to raise at least £10,000 '...that would be a dream come true...' muses Jay.

Price: £10.00 (incl. P&&)

To order a copy of the CD, please visit our online shop or contact the IGA on 01233 64 81 64

To listen to a few songs, visit: www.myspace.com/jaymenon