IGA  and RCOphth Research Award Winners 2015

Mr Anthony King

Department of Ophthalmology, Nottingham University Hospital

Project Title ‘Quality of life assessment in glaucoma patients undergoing glaucoma surgery’

Awarded £18,858.57 to fund the first 3 years of the project. This will support recruitment of the patient cohort and also the reporting of outcomes at 1 year following surgery.

Summary of project

  • To investigate the quality of life at different stages (profiling) following glaucoma surgery;
  • To compare generic, vision-specific and glaucoma-specific questionnaires in their ability to reflect quality of life in glaucoma patients;
  • To establish which of those questionnaires is the most sensitive tool for QoL assessment in glaucoma patients;
  • To explore whether personality affects patient reported outcome measures;
  • To generate the information to allow accurate powering of clinical trials to detect changes or differences in quality of life in glaucoma intervention trials

 Methodology: prospective, longitudinal observational study of patients undergoing glaucoma surgery.

Start date: 1st June 2015

Objective end date: 31st May 2022

What is already known: no previous profiling of quality of life (QoL) following glaucoma surgical interventions has been undertaken, no comparison of the QoL experience between various glaucoma surgical interventions has been explored.

Outcomes/Results: Generic Health status, vision status and glaucoma status quality of life information (scores) will be generated. Correlation of these outcomes with clinical information will be undertaken. This will allow profiling and comparison of the alternative glaucoma surgical approaches. Generation of a data set to allow powering of future glaucoma trials.

Long term impact for patients: information regarding QoL outcomes for patients will be beneficial in allowing more accurate and evidence based patient centred outcomes to be communicated to patients. This will enable clinicians to include this information in discussions about surgical options available and also be included in patient information about proposed interventions.

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