Royal College of Nursing

The Royal College of Nursing and IGA research grant

Applications are now closed for this grant

The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) is pleased to announce a grants programme in collaboration with The Royal College of Nursing and is pleased to offer Nursing Research Awards up to the value of £25,000 in 2018.

 1.    This is a research award to facilitate research into supporting patients during their glaucoma care.

 2.    Applicants must be nurses.

 3.    Applications are invited from departments and individuals based in the UK or Eire

 4.    The IGA encourages patient orientated research and research directly concerned with the improvement of the     management of glaucoma.

 5.     The maximum award will be £25,000 but the awards committee welcomes applications for lesser amounts with the awards being made based on the quality of the application and the   expected benefit to patients with glaucoma.

 6.     Multidisciplinary research teams are encouraged and should include a member/fellow of The Royal College of Nursing but co-applicants (and project lead) may include  hospital/community based optometrists and/or ophthalmologists undertaking glaucoma research in the UK and Eire.

7.    The awards are normally awarded annually.

8.     Grants must be taken up within 9 months, unless the grantee makes an application, with explanation, to the Chair of the IGA Grants Committee for approval.

9.  The successful applicant will be required to submit a preliminary report on work carried out at six months and after each six months thereafter for the duration of the award and return a full report at the termination of the Fellowship. The progress of each project will be monitored by a nominated advisor of the IGA, usually a member of the IGA Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee or an IGA trustee. Continued staged financial payments are dependent on receipt and satisfactory review of each of these reports with the last 10% of payment given on receipt of the final report. 

Please note that the application process is administered by The IGA in collaboration with the Royal College of Nursing. The conditions of the grants will be an agreement between the IGA and the successful applicant.