2017 IGA/College of Optometrists Research Grant Award

IGA / College of Optometrists Research Award 2017

Patients with glaucoma are prescribed eye drops that have to be used every day and many have to use multiple eye drops that contain preservatives. These preservatives can cause symptoms such as irritation, burning, grittiness and dryness that lead to ocular surface disease - side effects that callers often mention when phoning our helpline.

Shima Shah, Principle Optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London has been awarded £18,490.00 for her 4-month project ‘Ocular Surface Disease within Specialist Glaucoma Clinics in the United Kingdom: A modern-day evaluation of prevalence, patient-reported symptoms and economic burden’

Shima and her team will estimate the number of patients with ocular surface disease and describe the signs and symptoms reported by patients and clinicians. They will also estimate the cost to the NHS of ocular surface disease in patients with glaucoma.

All of this information will provide evidence that will improve the way glaucoma is managed, to optimise the eye’s ocular surface, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for glaucoma patients.

Shima Shah 

From left to right: Hari Jayaram , Shima Shah, Anthony Khawaja