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Posted By: Bruket
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I'm going for Ahmed surgery in a few weeks.  I've fought it off for as long as I can but with a change of surgeon from Belfast to Edinburgh, who is much more aggressive in his approach and much more twitchy about what I feel is a regular pressure for me (18-20) he wants to go ahead with surgery.  I recently got married and refused the surgery until now.  I am 35 and I was told 'if you still want to be driving by 40, you'll agree to surgery'.  And so, here I am, a few weeks away from my second Ahmed implant and really wondering what the recovery period is because I don't feel I’m informed. 

As mentioned, I had this surgery before in 2010 - it was horrific, recovery was slow.  The valve blocked and I need emergency surgery to unblock but I was just unlucky and I don't really fear this happening again.  My main issues is the recovery period and how long is it until I can return to my generally active lifestyle.  I'm much healthier, very active and lift weights, i'm in much better physical condition that I was in 2010, but my surgeon is not 'used to dealing with young people'.  So i'm getting a generic response to what my recovery will look like.  I know better than anyone that there can be complications but in an ideal world, has anyone had any experience of a lovely recovery who is active/a gym goer/in an ag range my surgeon maybe refer to as 'young'.  The lack of info is just aiding my frustrations really.  I'd also be keen to hear from anyone with two implants?  The one I have is a nightmare, weeps all the time, which is much worse in the winter/cold/changes in temp or light.  Throbs a lot.  Seems to have days where it protrudes rudely and uninvited.  It's a real giggle at parties for showing people who are 'funny with eye things'.

I am aware I haven’t gone into details on my eye history but it’s long, it’s complex and it remains unexplained and guess work for the most part as to what it is and why, but the Glaucoma element is a side affect of whatever else is in there.

Posted : 30 Oct 2019

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