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View Topic "Hypotony symptoms"

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Posted By: rmmack
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Joined Date: 5 Jun 2014

I don't think it's so much that people are too lazy to get in touch, it's more that they know how busy their consultants are in the NHS and don't want to trouble them about "nothing" when there are other patients waiting months for an appointment. Good luck, Mosschops, hope the consultant can calm your fears.

Posted : 24 Jan 2019
Posted By: johnsimon
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Joined Date: 23 Jan 2019

Yeah. You're right. Truth is, most people are just too lazy to meet with their consultant. 

Posted : 23 Jan 2019
Posted By: Sightline
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Joined Date: 20 Feb 2009

Since what you are experiencing has only started to happen since the surgery it would be a good idea to contact your consultant and discuss it with them. We are sure they would want to know and they will be able to explain why this is happening. Sightline

Posted : 2 Jan 2019
Posted By: Mosschops
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Joined Date: 28 Dec 2018

I had a trabeculectomy 3 years ago on both eyes. IOP before was 16l 18r and afterwards it has settled at 2l 5r

Obviously the surgeon would like the pressure raised but doesn't want to do anything surgically at this point as the eyes seem fairly tolerant and I have had progression at an iop of 15

What I am seeing quite a lot of is small abberations which come and go lasting anything from a day to a few weeks. It is like seeing the afterimage after looking at a light. They can be anywhere in the visual field but are usually close to fixation, within say 30 degrees and quite small. They tend to clear up eventually but some have left very small blindspots where they were, most of which are too small for the fields test to pick up.

I wondered if anybody has also had these? Talking to a friend who has ocular migraines, what he describes are very similar but mine started after the trabs.

Posted : 28 Dec 2018

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