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Posted By: Cardinal
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Glaucoma damages the eye's nerves rather than the lens.  The lens is what they replace in a cataract op.  However, because of being very short-sighted I've worn contact lenses for many years and the optician tried me with one being for long distance and the other for near distance.  My brain never adapted and I had to abandon this.  Some people never adapt to this method.  Before committing to an irreversible op It might be worth asking if you could try a mix of contacts and see how you get on. 

Posted : 10 Dec 2019
Posted By: Ann
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Hi, do you know if anyone else has a trifocal lens in one eye and a plain lens in the other due to glaucoma damage?  Everyone is different of course, but how long did it take their brain to adjust to being able to focus with the two different lenses?  Thanks.

Posted : 6 Dec 2019

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