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Posted By: Sightline
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Joined Date: 20 Feb 2009

Hello Ashley,

When you have the field test on the 21st it will show if there has been any damage. Also the MRI is to do a more thorough investigation which isn't unusual for a consultant to request this. The range of pressure is between 10 & 24. Your pressure would be regarded as borderline so they may wish to monitor you especially as your mother has glaucoma. There is an eye condition called Ocular Hypertension which is when a person can have a high IOP (intraocular pressure) but no damage has ocurred. Once all the tests have been done they will then discuss with you whether treatment is needed or whether you will just be monitored regularly.


Posted : 22 Feb 2019
Posted By: rmmack
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Hi Ashley. You definitely need to see a doctor right away about those pressures.  Some people get headaches with pressure that go down into the back of the neck - I did, and it went into my face too.  If you get sorted out quickly you may not lose much sight, but if you ignore it, you WILL lose sight.  It's like jigsaw pieces - lose tiny bits of your visual fields round the edges and your brain may be able to make sense of the picture so you get by, but if you are unlucky (and you can't choose) you may lose bits in the  middle that really affect you for reading, driving etc.  It may well be that your problem can be easily controlled by drops, but the best thing is to get moving on it straightaway.  Hanging back to protect your mum from worry is very laudable, but I think you'll find she'd rather you stopped your problems in their tracks as early as possible, to keep as much sight as possible, for as long as possible.  And if you do get drops, make sure you never miss them.... it's not now and then, it's Without Fail!  You're in charge of your eyes!  Best of luck.

Posted : 22 Feb 2019
Posted By: selimahope
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Hi everybody,

I'm Ashley and I'm 26 years old, I haven't been diagnosed with Glaucoma, but my mum has, hers is narrow tunnel and due to have her op on the 13th of this month. The reason Im here is that I have been suffering severe headaches for the past 6 months mainly over my left eye and temple through to the base of my skull, long story short i decided to get another eye exam (I've worn glasses since I was 4) and the optician told me i had high eye pressure myself. My 3 readings for each eye are left 25 24 27 and right 22 23 25. My mum seemed to think thats quite high but I thought it was worth getting other peoples opinions and whether this could just be slightly above normal. Im currently awaiting a visual fields test (21st Jan) and also MRI results on my brain as I also have muscle weakness and tremors on the right side of my body. I try to keep upbeat and not really complain at home as i want to keep positive for all my family as I dont want them to worry but really would like to reach out to people with experience with this kind of thing. Im hoping its nothing. Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate it most gratefully. Lots of hugs Ashley xx sorry if I seem blunt Im on a mobile and its quite hard to write essays on here! :-)
Posted : 22 Feb 2019

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