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Posted By: Sightline
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There is a type of glaucoma called Normal Tension Glaucoma. Damage can be done but the eye pressure is not raised and is classed as normal. We would strongly recommend that you attend the appointment for further tests so that treatment, if needed, can begin. 

Posted : 15 Nov 2019
Posted By: Trina
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Yes I agree. It is really important to see a Specialist. When you get some loss of visual fields you are not aware  until you lose a considerable amount. I strongly recommend you get it checked out. It may only be one eye now but without treatment it could affect both eyes in the future.

Posted : 14 Nov 2019
Posted By: Cardinal
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Although the eye pressure is important, it's the field test which shows where there is, or might be, sight loss.  And, once it starts, it's likely to continue.  So I'd definitely urge you to go along and keep your appointment.  

Posted : 31 Oct 2019
Posted By: JNP
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My dad has glaucoma  and I have been having yearly eye tests since I was  45, this year my optician referred  to see someone due to my field test results.  The person I saw  had a good look and said that  my pressure was ok and everything look ok except for my left eye's field test results   which he wasn't happy with so he has referred to some one else.  I feel that is is a waste of NHS time and money  due to the fact its only the field test failure in one eye.   I'm half minded to cancel the appointment  when it comes but before I do anything  rash  is there any issues  that could happen if I don't attend the appointment

Posted : 30 Oct 2019

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