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View Topic "Field test poor result"

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Posted By: Sightline
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Joined Date: 20 Feb 2009

Hello Ian,

If you are experiencing the flashing lights during your visual field test it maybe that they are part of the test as the densities of light do vary considerably. However if you are experiencing flashes of light generally it is something you should speak to your ophthalmologist about. It isn't an uncommon occurrance to experience the odd flashing light as we get older but we would recommend that you do get this checked. If you are not due to be seen soon you may need to give the eye secretary a call and explain the situation to her. We hope this information has been helpful to you but if you would like to discuss this further please call Sightline on 01233 648170 and we would be more than happy to talk to you.


Posted : 25 Feb 2019
Posted By: rmmack
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Joined Date: 5 Jun 2014

Hi Ian.  It may be that the pressure could be reduced, if the docs think that would be helpful, with drops.  I have found I see more flashing lights just now as I am due to have cataract surgery, and cataracts can happen earlier after other eye surgery.  Clicking too often is often due to anxiety about doing well enough in field tests or the one for the driving licence.  I find them very stressful indeed!  I have just done my test for being 70 and am waiting to get cataracts done and I was clicking much too often the 1st time (it's like field tests but with both eyes open.)  I saw lights where there were none. But it's right to get it investigated, and if it suddenly gets much worse, treat it as an emergency.  Good luck.

Posted : 25 Feb 2019
Posted By: Lavengro
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Joined Date: 3 Sep 2009

Hi, I'm sorry I cannot give advice regarding the flashing lights, I had selective lazer trabulectomy (SLT) after catarac surgery, this is not as invasive as a trab, would sightline or anyone know if this would help you? Lavengro 

Posted : 23 Feb 2019
Posted By: Ian Bean
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Joined Date: 16 Mar 2017

Hi, diagnosed with glaucoma 7 years ago aged 34, at the time pressures ws 34 in both eyes so a fair amount of damage already done by the time of getting diagnosed, after a few years of using drops and then surgery pressure now under 17 and 15, when I went to m eye clinic this year I had my yearly field test but this time I done very poor, right eye I had to many false presses and left eye just missed to many lights. Eye doctor is now booked me in for another field test for a few weeks time and said if same results we need to go even lower with pressure, how he would not answer as I have already had tab surgery that is working and he said it is a shame to have more surgery when my tabs are working. What my concern is in doing the field test, for the last few months I have noticed than when I cover one eye then all I see is flashing lights that look just like the lights used as part of the field test, it makes it very hard to complete the test, my concern is that because of the poor result I give at my field test I could have surgery that is not required, but then maybe the flashing lights could also be my sight getting worse, it is very worrying as one I don't like the idea of more surgery but also the concern that my sight is getting worse despite low pressures and that makes me think I will lose my sight sooner than later. It does not help that the lights used for the field test are white and the flashes I see in my eye when one is covered are also white and the same intensity.

Any help please.

Posted : 22 Feb 2019

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