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Posted By: Sightline
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Hello Sandy

I can't honestly say I have come across these symptoms before following SLT laser treatment but then we are all very different and no one is text book either. I am aware that sometimes following laser treatment the eye can feel dry. I don't know if you already suffer with dry eyes and are using artificial tears but if you are I would increase the amount of times you are using them throughout the day, for a couple of days to see if that helps. If you don't already have a bottle of artificial tears, they can be bought from any pharmacist and it may be worth giving it a try.

If it doesn't help and the pain doesn't go or becomes worse, do let the hospital know.

Posted : 31 Jul 2019
Posted By: Sandym
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i had SLT to one eye yesterday to try and reduce IOP and avoid trabeculectomy.  I have had YAG laser before and knew what to expect. After about 40 ‘hits’ I experienced severe pain in my temple and cheekbone. The dr stopped treatment and he said in all the years he had been doing this, nobody had ever had such a problem. 

I explained that the eye itself wasnt hurting - it was severe stabbing pain in the bones around the eye, very similar to sinusitis.  We discussed what to do and decided I should take some painkillers and wait half an hour to see if he could proceed.

After 30 mins and 1000mg paracetamol/codeine the pain had lessened.  The dr continued the procedure. Once again I could feel the stabbing pain start in my cheekbone and browbone but the dr was lovely and gave me a countdown and I managed to get the 100 ‘hits’ he had been aiming for.

The pain became mostly an ache by the end of the evening. This morning however, the pain in my cheekbone is back. Especially if I move my eye. The eye itself is fine - apart from being bloodshot.

Has anyone else experienced this pain??

Posted : 25 Jul 2019

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