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Posted By: Sightline
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If the specialist feels that the referral is non urgent the wait of 4 months is not unusual.  If they felt there was a high risk of an acute attack happening it would normally be done within a week. Especially if signs of glaucoma are showing.

There are warning signs you need to be made aware of that may indicate the eye pressure is increasing. If any of the ones listed happen to you while you are waiting to be seen you should go to the A & E asap.

Halos around lights

Bad headache (like a migraine)




Posted : 13 Jan 2020
Posted By: Bear26
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Hi could anyone advise on the length of time it takes to get a diagnosis should I be worried after a four month wait? Aftrr a trip to the optitions I was referred to see a eye specialist at a local GP surgery (by a company called 'the practice' ) for narrow channels, the appt didn't go well as I wasn't on his list and he squeezed me in between other patients, he said that I needed to be referred to the hospital (about 4 weeks wait)and would need laser iridotomy, that I was lucky it had been spotted and once done everything would be ok ( I currently suffer severe headaches and eye pain and light sensitivity) got called to the hospital to find out all they wanted was to do a peripheral eye test and that I'd be sent for again in another 4 weeks or if I didn't here anything to contact them after 8. My query is, is this normal routine? To be honest I really don't know what is wrong with my eyes and having looked at 'Narrow Channels' online I'm a little scared that my sight could be getting damaged while I'm waiting. It been about 4 months now since my initial opticions visit and I no closer to finding out what's happening with my eyes 

Posted : 10 Jan 2020

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