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View Topic "Dad struggling with eye drops"

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Posted By: Cardinal
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Joined Date: 23 Feb 2011

Hi Tom

Your dad is on exactly the same two eye drops as I was last year and my pressures weren't well controlled either and went up.  I used to fall asleep around an hour afterwards in the evening but was ok with the morning simbrinza as I'm constantly moving around during the day.  I had the trabeculectomy in my left eye last summer.  I'm also 66 years old.   I didn't drive for around 4 weeks whilst my eye was healing and getting back to 'normal'.  I am very short-sighted as well.  I continued with the simbrinza and lumigan in my other eye, but used only the steroid drops 6 times a day for several weeks in the trab eye.  And then gradually reduced them to none at all over around a 3-4 month period.   My eye has healed well although I'm slightly more short-sighted in that eye than before.  I used no drops in the trab eye for around 3 months but, unfortunately, on my last check up in January the pressures in the trab eye have started to go up again and I'm back on drops.  Still on simbrinza in the non-trab eye but the consultant has replaced lumigan with latanoprost for both eyes.   My next appointment is in April so I'll get to know then any next steps.  Possibly back to theatre for a 'revision' to the trab.  

In hindsight, I would do it all again as if the experts recommend a trab, I need to trust their assessment.  Your dad needs to feel confident with the consultant he has in order to make the most effective decision for himself.  I had no confidence in the consultant at the first hospital I was under, so had my GP refer me to another hospital which specialises in eye conditions.

I hope this helps a bit.





Posted : 12 Mar 2020
Posted By: Sightline
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Joined Date: 20 Feb 2009

Hello Tom,

When your Dad puts his eyedrops in it is a good idea to do a "punctal occlusion". Basically this means that after the drop has gone in he should close his eye and press gently on his tear duct (the corner of his eye nearest his nose) and do this for up to 2 minutes. Then repeat this on his other eye. This is to reduce the risk of the drop getting to the back of the throat and into the blood stream which can encourage side effects to happen. It is a good idea for your Dad to read through the patient information leaflet that comes with the drops.  If he can relate to any of the side effects he should get back to his consultant and advise them of this as they would want to know. He should be able to contact them by calling an eye secretary at the eye clinic. Regarding the glare it could be that he has dry eye syndrome. There are wrap around antiglare glasses available to buy which may help him along with dry eye drops (artificial tears) that can be purchased from pharmacists. There are many to chose from and prices vary. There are booklets on the website which can be downloaded. Eye drops and Dispensing Aids which shows how to do the punctal occlusion and also Dry Eye Syndrome which your Dad may find helpful. If he has any worries or concerns he can call our Glaucoma Helpline on 01233 648170


Posted : 5 Mar 2020
Posted By: tom6195
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Joined Date: 2 Mar 2020

Hi everyone,


My dad (65) was diagnosed with high IOP around 18 months ago and has been prescribed several drops over that time. He is currently using Simbrinza and Lumigan but his pressure is still very high and the consultant has referred him to surgeon for the trabulectomy. He's very worried about going under the knife as he is the main provider for my sister and mum who do not drive (I work away myself and can only visit them at the weekends).

When he takes his drops he says it makes him feel sleepy and he often nods off on the sofa shortly after taking them. Does this happen to anyone else after taking these drops? He also struggles with bright light after taking them. 

Posted : 2 Mar 2020

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