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View Topic "CDR 0.5 and 0.6 DOes it mean i will have Glaucoma in Future"

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Posted By: Spouse I
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Joined Date: 16 Apr 2017

Not necessarily.  CDr is a measure of the space around the optic nerve  ...think of a doughnut with the optic nerve going though the hole.  Normal was thought to bensure. 3 and the scale stops at 1.  So .9 is bad.  But it is a crude measure and someone can be .5 and it be completely normal for them.  Concentrate  onot reading info sheets from. Leading glaucoma charities here and in the states. whacky websites and gain confidence to ask your doctor to tell you what is happening.  Most important thing in UK is to read the nice pathway for treatment.   Don't stress.  Husband is .8 and .9 and is still driving.

Posted : 30 Jan 2019
Posted By: Sewa100
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Joined Date: 22 Jul 2018

 I am 31 Years old men.


6 months back i went to check my eye . Doctor said i have CDR of 0.5 and 0.6.

They start to take few test

  1. 6 months back (perimetry visual field test ) : normal


       2. One week back ( 6months follow up)

RNFL Single Exam Report OU test : All Green ( Within Normal limits)

And other basic test also shows all things are normal and healthy.

I have CDR 0.5 and 0.6, Is it neccesary that I will have glucoma in Future?

I am wearing -0.5 Glass currently and power is not increased within this 6 months.

I do not usually get headache .Little bit Redness in eye because I am working on Computer field.

Stressing out very much.

Posted : 29 Jan 2019

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