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View Topic "DVLA Test tomorrow "

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Posted By: John Jennings
Total Posts: 1
Joined Date: 7 Mar 2020

I am 90 and still drvint long distances confidently.  I have Glaucoma in both eyes and another DVLA test exppected soon.  I have long had a back up plan.  Move to apartment nearer my regulatar. needs after managing with buses and taxis as long as I can affored them.  It's a shame but have to face up to it!  Cheers one and all.

Posted : 7 Mar 2020
Posted By: Lindsey Collins
Total Posts: 17
Joined Date: 3 Oct 2017

I was exactly the same as you. I was certain I had faied and when the letter came I coud hardly open it for fear, especiall as it came through much faster than they had told me it would. I was wrong, though and am still driving. Good luck.

Posted : 29 May 2019
Posted By: ffran
Total Posts: 1
Joined Date: 29 May 2019


my first post! I had the dvla test yesterday and don’t think it went well.. I am 58 and still working so am terrified I will lose my licence.  How did you get on?

Posted : 29 May 2019
Posted By: japes1275
Total Posts: 3
Joined Date: 25 Nov 2018

Thanks for that, I was fine as well! Envelope came last week and I’ve been told I can keep my license until  there has been some deterioration in my vision. I’m 30 years behind you so if I’m still driving at 79 I’ll be very happy!

Posted : 11 Dec 2018
Posted By: David
Total Posts: 1
Joined Date: 27 Nov 2018

I had a test last week. It was professionally carried out.

I use bifocals, and as the line inthe lenses confused me when spotting the dots, I asked for a pair of glasses for distance as close to my prescription as possible. They did this. I had two tests with their glasses and one with my bifocals. The tester gave me my results which surprised me. Out of 120 maximum I got 104 and 103 with their glasses and 9 7 with my bifocals. He also showed me the printout of one of my tests. All the missed dots were in the lower half of the fields, below the horizontal. I was quite surprised that without my asking he gave me all this info. Maybe it's part of a new transparency policy.

I got a new three year licence yesterday. I am nearly 79 and also got a letter implying that the test in three years will be tougher. Fair enough. I may not want to drive anyway then.

I think now I've passed I'll get a pair of dedicated driving glasses.

I also had the situation when being treated by the NHS for about 5years the question of advising the DVLA never came up.

When I started to go to a glaucoma specialist privately he immediately asked if I had told the DVLA and suggested that I did.

Obviously I did.

Good luck with the test!

Posted : 27 Nov 2018

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