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View Topic "DVLA Test - Which machine?"

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Posted By: Sightline
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Joined Date: 20 Feb 2009

Hello. Yes, you are right about the difference in the visual field tests. The 120 lights are for class 1 and the 124 lights are for class 2. I am just assuming that your partner requires a class 2 licence.

Posted : 11 Feb 2020
Posted By: Gems100
Total Posts: 1
Joined Date: 3 Feb 2020

Having read your post I'm hoping you could answer my question.  What's the difference between the esterman binocular and the esterman4 screening. They're 2 different settings. One has 120 spots the other 124 smaller spots. Is one for class 1 and the other class 2 licence? My partners had them both done at specsavers but they didnt even say they were different?


Posted : 3 Feb 2020
Posted By: Sightline
Total Posts: 306
Joined Date: 20 Feb 2009

Hello Lindy,

The machines can be adjusted so that the binocular test can be carried out. Make sure when you go for the test that they explain to you exactly how the machine works and that you are comfortable before the test starts. You can ask them to stop the test at any time if you feel as though you are not in the right position. They can resume the test once you are happy to carry on. Please call us on Sightline if you wish to discuss this further.

Posted : 27 Jan 2020
Posted By: Lindy Williams
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Joined Date: 11 Jan 2018

I am coming up to 70, and have applied to renew my driving licence. I ticked the appropriate boxes regarding my eyesight - namely I have glaucoma in one eye and I have recently had to have a prism adjustment to my prescription.

The brown envelope has duly arrived with a list of approved Specsavers nearby. They have included the test equipment type for each shop.

According to the DVLA letter, the field test will be for both eyes together - i.e. binocular and wearing my driving specs.

Having had a quick shufty on Google, not all the equipment types seem to handle binocular field testing.

The Henson 9000 does binocular. The Zeiss HFA3 830 does not. Not sure about the Humphrey 740i.

There is a saying about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. Well this has pressed my paranoia buttons and sent me in a spin.

It makes sense to go for the Henson 9000, but comments from you all would be appreciated.

Kind Regards to you all.


Posted : 22 Jan 2020

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