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View Topic "Car insurance with glaucoma"

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Posted By: Sightline
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Joined Date: 20 Feb 2009

Dear Lanky,

Car insurance companies do not increase your premium if you have been diagnosed with glaucoma.  Some companies like to be told and some say as long as the DVLA know you dont need to tell them. We tend to advise people to tell their insurance companies anyway.  This way you have dotted the I's and crossed the T's and have kept them up to date with your medical history.


The DVLA will only accept visual field test results from Specsavers as they have the contract with them.  The only time they would accept a visual test result from another opticians is if you had your licence revoked and you were making an informal appeal.


If you have any other questions please call us on 01233 648170 and we will be more than happy to help.



Posted : 27 Mar 2019
Posted By: rmmack
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Joined Date: 5 Jun 2014

Hi Lanky

I had to tell my insurance (NFU) a few years ago and they were absolutely fine. I don't think they charged any more, tho to be fair my late husband dealt with all that.  I didn't have to take the Specsavers test, tho I have since on becoming 70.  How about getting other quotes before informing your firm, just in case, mentioning your situation?  Then, if your preferred company gets sticky you can tell them that X is fine with it or is not charging more etc.  As far as I can see, consumer groups suggest you should always get get other quotes before renewing any insurance, and be able to tell yourpresent firm how you'd benefit from the prospective firm, which may mean they suddenly find they can give you a better deal.  Most firms give you a good discount for your 1st year to lure you in!  Always remembering that the most important thing is that you are with a reliable firm that will pay out quickly if you need them.  Good luck!

Posted : 21 Mar 2019
Posted By: Lanky
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Joined Date: 21 Mar 2019

I am curious to know if anyone has experienced problems, or had premiums increased because of glaucoma. 

I was not aware that if you have glaucoma in both eyes you have to inform DVLA. I saw a new opthamologist a few weeks ago & it came up in conversation. Fortunately he kindly offered to test my peripheral vision using the specified equipment & methodology used by Vision Express to save time as my car insurance was coming up for renewal. I passed the test 100% & on Monday I informed the DVLA to be told that they could not accept the test results & I would have to wait to go to Vision Express. The lady I spoke to was a "right jobs worth" & said they could not treat me differently from anyone else. Personally I would have thought they would be quite happy to have an "easy win" like this. 

My car insurance expires April 9th & I am most unlikely to have a reply from DVLA before this time. I have had some bad experience with building insurance & am reluctant to talk about car insurance without first having some idea of what reaction I am likely to receive. 

Posted : 21 Mar 2019

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