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Joined Date: 8 Jul 2015
Hi All I was diagnosed at the age of 6 mths, having been being treated for a blocked tear duct for a number of months. I had a goniotomy on each eye. Nearly all of the sight in my left eye was saved and enough sight in my right eye to enable me to live a normal life. I have never been able to see clearly out of my right eye but it hasn't affected my life too badly so far. I am now 50 years old. I had laser surgery 12 or so years ago, after being on drops for a year or so, and have only just started to need drops again. As far as I am aware, the sooner your baby is diagnosed (I was the baby not the mother!) the better chance there is for more sight to be saved. I am living proof that glaucoma need not affect your life too badly, especially as a child.
Posted : 8 Jul 2015
Posted By: mykemaia
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Dear All,

I've been reading all the posts related to congenital glaucoma, and to be honest I am very distressed. I see that all the stories shared in here demonstrate that this decease is a long term fight, without ever knowing what to expect with some certainty.

My daughter was born 5 weeks ago, here where I live, in Lisbon, Portugal. She was diagnosticated right in the beginning with this and has been subjected to a trabulectomy to both eyes. Today we've visited the team of doctors responsible for the operation and they checked the IOP which is still a little high (not as much as before, tough). Maybe she will need a new intervention on both eyes.

What I want to ask is: are there any cases where only one or two surgeries were needed?

Regards and good luck for all!
Posted : 3 Nov 2010
Posted By: Nicbean
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hi my son was born with glaucoma and he had two succesful trabeculectomies at age 6 months, he is now 22 months and still(touchwood) ok.

He had several goniotomies first, dont distress you will get there. Eventually they will find what is right for your baby. It will take time but they will save your babies sight!

This condition is a good outcome once diagnosed as they can control it with drops till they solve it long term. it can be solved though.
Posted : 3 Nov 2010
Posted By: danidoyle
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Hi there, is anyone still on this thread? My little boy was diagnosed at 10 weeks, has had a goniotomy in one eye, due for the other eye goniotomy in the morning. Am terrified for his vision in the future, would love to touch base with anyone else in same boat! Great to read some positive stories, too much negativity easily come across....
Posted : 3 Nov 2010

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