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View Topic "Labour and glaucoma"

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Posted By: Kristin Powell
Total Posts: 1
Joined Date: 19 Aug 2016
Has anyone dealt with hypotony and labor? I had glaucoma surgery pre-pregnancy, and now my eye pressure is too low (around 2). Doctors are suggesting c-section for fear that the lower pressure increases risk of hemorrhage (though the case is so rare, they don't know what that risk is). Anyone else dealt with this problem?
Posted : 19 Aug 2016
Posted By:
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Joined Date: 8 Jul 2015
I can't say for certain about anyone else's case, but I was born with glaucoma and found out after giving birth to my first child that my eye consultant had recommended that I be allowed to push for only 30 minutes. Luckily I only needed to push for 25 minutes, but it explained why the delivery team were being such good cheerleaders at the time! With my 3 subsequent homebirths I had no issue at all during labour and my consultants (both for eyes and birth) were extremely supportive of my choice. In all cases we had the babies eyes checked as soon after birth as possible, and all were fine.
Posted : 8 Jul 2015
Posted By: thevoodooidol
Total Posts: 6
Joined Date: 19 Jul 2013
Hiya I had my first child last year and was advised to have a c section by my obstetrician but as my eye doctor was absolutely rubbish and gave me literally no advice on the matter I decided to opt for a natural birth. I got on just fine and the birth was fine. In fact as I did not know any different I stayed on my medication too (stupid eye doctor grrrr) and everything is fine with my daughter. If anyone wants to pm or email me I am

Posted : 29 Jul 2013
Posted By: miasmam11
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Joined Date: 22 Mar 2013
Hi I am 24 years old and 22 weeks pregnant with congenital glaucoma. I have been advised i will need a c section, as giving birth naturally will increase my eye pressure considerably. :(
Posted : 22 Mar 2013
Posted By: peanut1980
Total Posts: 3
Joined Date: 24 Nov 2010

Thank you for your reply Eyedance.

I have spoken to my consultant and he assures me there is no issue with me having a natural labour. I am very lucky to have a brilliant eye Dr, i know i can go to the clinic if i am worried.

Peanut x

Posted : 3 Oct 2011

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