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Posted By: optimist
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Joined Date: 9 Dec 2008


Do you or someone close to you have glaucoma and wish to discuss it or are you only using this "Glaucoma Forum" to advertise your tutoring site?????

Which is not what it is here for.

Posted : 19 May 2011
Posted By: sledgehammer
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Joined Date: 22 Jun 2009
hi all
i thought i would introduce myself
i'm steve i had congenital glaucoma when i was born i was diagnosed with glaucoma in the left eye very early and had a op at 6 months (i think)
i am now 33 and doing well
i was thinking it would be good to get in contact with my old consultant Mr Rice
i've been told he's retired from the consoltancy but still does reasearch
i would ilke to stay in contact with him if possable
if anybody has contact details please email me on

many thanks

steve b
Posted : 22 Jun 2009
Posted By: Nicbean
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Joined Date: 10 Jun 2009
Hi sledgehammer.

i would be very interested to hear of your exact treatment. and of course the way you are affected now if in any way at all?

My son has congenital glaucoma and has had two goniotomys in each eye now. he still needs more and possibly a trabeculectomy/ loctomy.

did you only have one op and if so which one did you have.
thanks for posting mesage and hope to speak soon.

sadly i do not know mr rice.

yours nick
Posted : 22 Jun 2009
Posted By: sharron1
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Joined Date: 22 Jun 2009
Hi all,

I'm new here, but i just wanted to share something with all. My brother has glaucoma. Initially i did not know what it was, so i went online and did some research myself. I came across a site called caring.comThey had informative details about glaucoma. I just want to share this with you. Hope it helps you all.
Posted : 22 Jun 2009
Posted By: Sightline
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Joined Date: 20 Feb 2009
If you follow a healthy diet you should be receiving all the vitamins and nutrients needed and there is not need to look elsewhere. However if you want to take vitamin supplements we have not been made aware of any concerns if you do. We noticed that the article states that the supplement can improve your vision. If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma your vision cannot be improved but can be maintained.
Posted : 22 Jun 2009

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