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Hello. I have a difficult decision to make either having a 2nd aqueous shunt/tube surgery (IOP) or Enucleation of my right eye. I have battled Glaucoma for many years now with all three types of surgical procedures and my latest one was using the Ahmed valve which has been successful in lowering my eye pressure. Unfortunately the graft that covers the tube has worn away after four years and needs to be addressed or I can get an infection. I lost my vision in that eye just before the last surgery was performed, but have been able to keep the pressure low so as not to have any pain. My Doctor has given me a choice as to either have a second, third or maybe even a forth implant surgery depending on how long each lasts and how long I live or have the eye removed. The implants have their risks; such as too low of a pressure, infections or rejections. My doctor is kind of urging Enucleation since we are not trying to save the vision anyways. Not sure if after having an eye removed if some type of eye drops are required or some other medication is needed this would cut off my dependents on eye drops. I am torn about this and want to make the right choice. My hope is that maybe five years from now medical science would have developed a new procedure for repairing the optic nerve and if my eye has been removed I may not get that opportunity. Am I being too over optimistic here? Has anybody experienced this or had to make a similar decision? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References:

Posted : 18 Nov 2017

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