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Posted By: ross4701
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Joined Date: 9 Nov 2011
My son (now 7 years old) was born with cataracts and developed glaucoma in both eyes particularly his right eye as a result of the sugery. He has now lost all sight in the right eye. He has had 32 procedures and is just about to go through his third and final attempt to mplant a tube (previous attempts went disatrously wrong). Because he is so young I wondered if someone older with glaucoma could explain to me how it feels, I have researched so far to no avail. When the pressure is high he struggles to sleep and either wakes through the night or very early and cannot drop back to sleep. The presure always seems to feel worse when he is lying down. I want to understand why! Would he benefit from sleeping propped up? He is on a massive amount of glaucoma meds including Diamox. Diamox also seems to interfere with sleep, not sure if this also makes him wakeful at times. When the pressureis fine he sleeps solidly for 12 hours, so I know it's not a sleep disorder. Please help, very tired parent!
Posted : 9 Nov 2011

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