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View Topic "cataract/glaucoma and von willibrand"

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Posted By: Elizabeth Achoi
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Joined Date: 18 Feb 2016

It is important to give all the details of our diseases and treatment history before the surgery. If you are planning for another cataract surgery, then do consider combined glaucoma treatments along with cataract surgery so that you can avoid additional treatments and eye drops for glaucoma. My grandmother had a cataract in her left eye and she was also suffering from severe vision problems like glaucoma. Thus as per the advice of her ophthalmologist in Goldberg centre vision correction in Toronto, she had a Migs procedure along with the cataract eye surgery. Now, she's happy with her surgery and enjoying better vision. The cataract can be threat completely if it is diagnosed at the right time. So don't bother about it, seek the help of an expert for advice.

Posted : 18 Feb 2016
Posted By: nikskid
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I have glaucoma and also a cataract on one eye but as I have von willibrands (blood disorder) will they operate with local anaesthetic or not operate at all. I had the other eye cataract done 2 years ago and forgot to tell them about the von willibrands and all was ok, why should it matter as I have had it all my life (it is hereditary) and I have had may operations both general and local and keyhole and it has made no difference. I only discovered I had it 4 years ago so had all these other operations in ignorant bliss.
Posted : 14 May 2015

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