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View Topic "Cataract surgery options"

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Posted By: Aharielo
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Joined Date: 12 Mar 2020

This is not medical advice; I've already met with the eye surgeon, and got her point of view. I'm just looking for opinions.

I'll be having cataract surgery on one eye in the very near future, possibly within days. I spoke with the surgeon about getting a generic lens vs. one that corrects my vision problems (farsightedness and astigmatism). She told me that some people have refraction problems with the correcting lenses, and she urged me to just get the generic. There's also the fact that Medicare will pay for the generic, but if I get a correcting lens I'd have to pay the difference. For me, though, especially since I'm an artist, the quality of my vision is more important than money. And there's also the fact that within another couple of years, my "good" eye will develop cataracts as well.

So I'm asking this of people who have already had this surgery: Which lens did you get? Do you regret making that decision?

If you got the correcting lens, have you had problems with it? Can you really see without glasses now (at least through the eye that got the surgery?

And There has been a lot of research into gene therapy and stem cells over several years . How long before we get a cure for MND? I have read about trials around the World, but is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Posted : 12 Mar 2020

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