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View Topic " Is Blade less Laser cataract surgery safe?"

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Posted By: johnsimon
Total Posts: 7
Joined Date: 23 Jan 2019

It worked for one of my cousins. So it's definitely safe but like the others have already said, you really do have to meet an expert surgeon. 

Posted : 29 Jan 2019
Posted By: Jeremy Rutherford
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Joined Date: 6 Jan 2018
Well, I think it is safe. But after the surgery you have to take care of your eyes like your eyes should not come in direct contact with sunlight, artificial light, gas and many more things. This can be done by wearing wholesale sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful rays. You can purchase sunglasses from sites like Oakley,, RayBan etc. are available on the Internet.
Posted : 6 Jan 2018
Posted By: Joshua Pearson
Total Posts: 3
Joined Date: 12 Apr 2017
I think it is safe. But before going with this surgery you must be sure.
Posted : 14 Apr 2017
Posted By: Stephen Hynen
Total Posts: 2
Joined Date: 16 Mar 2017
Posted : 16 Mar 2017
Posted By: Ora Keefer
Total Posts: 3
Joined Date: 1 Sep 2016
Yes. As long as you do it with an expert, it is really safe.
Posted : 1 Sep 2016

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