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Welcome to this glaucoma patient education resource centre

Dear Eye Health Professional,

We have put this website together following the publication of the NICE Glaucoma Guideline (CG85) and the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) Alert, to signpost you to our glaucoma patient education resources.

Available on here are: a self assessment questionnaire, examples of plans developed by local eye hospital departments in response to the NPSA alert, links to the patient literature published by the RNIB and the IGA and other educational resources which may be useful for healthcare professionals.

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We would welcome more examples from glaucoma clinics or references to other information sources you found useful in implementing glaucoma patient education.

Thank you for visiting our site, please send comments, questions and suggestions to Sarah Zerbib at  glaucoma@iga.org.uk or alternatively, call us on 01233 648 169

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