Who's Who at the IGA

Our Trustees:

Chairman Philip Bloom                                      Yolanda Laybourne

Hon Treasurer David Sanders                          Ray Spendiff

Vice Chair Stephen Epstein                               Mary Shaw                           

Sheila Page                                                              Julian Exeter

Nick Strouthidis                                                    Susan Blakeney

Anthony King

Members of staff: 

Chief Executive - Karen Osborn

Executive PA - Richenda Kew

Head of Patient Support Services - Joanna Bradley

Head of Finance - Kay Cox

Finance Officer - Wendy Chamberlain

Fundraising Manager - Jenny McCarthy

Communications and Events Officer - Tracey Fabre

Communications Administrator - Kelly Oliphant

IT Development Manager - Tracy Dorman

Supporter Care Liaison - Natalie Smith & Carolyn Lewis

Sightline Services Manager - Helen Doe

Sightline Advisor and Patient Support - Patricia Barron-Ganszczyk

Development manager (London, and South) Subhash Suthar

Development manager (Wales and West England) Eryl Williams

Development manager (North East) Hannah Morrow

Development manager (Scotland) Philippa Mason

IGA Professor of Ophthalmology for Glaucoma and Allied Studies:

Professor David (Ted) Garway-Heath