IGA Chair Professor Bloom describes glaucoma

Professor David Crabb explains the visual field

Miss Anne Fiona Spencer talks about eye pressure and glaucoma

Doctor Andrew Tatham talks about the optic nerve and glaucoma

Subhash Suthar talks about administering eye drops


We provide a wide range of leaflets which help people to understand glaucoma, the cause, the treatment and living with the condition. It includes a basic leaflet on the importance of health checks and glaucoma; About Glaucoma and How we Help, through to being diagnosed; Glaucoma the Good News, as well as information about treatments including Eye Drops and Dispensing Aids, living with glaucoma, and Driving and Glaucoma.

All of our leaflets are provided free of charge to patients and professionals (within the UK and Ireland*). Our leaflets carry the Department of Health Information Standard certificate, a quality mark for health and social information.

You can view all our leaflets, booklets and aids to help with taking eye drops in our Shop.

We limit orders for professionals to 50 per order for each leaflet.

 *For information on postage charges outside of the UK contact +44 (0) 1233 64 81 70.