We produce a quarterly magazine for our members, called IGA News. It provides in-depth articles on the research that is currently taking place into the detection, treatment and management of glaucoma. It also features news from our helpline, from our members, and from our fundraisers. There is a list at the back with the dates and locations of all of the local support groups. Members value the magazine, and in particular value the scientific research.

The magazine is sent to all members and membership costs £17.50 per year. Past copies of the magazine can be downloaded for free. 

Please note: These files are in PDF format and quite large so may take some time to download.

2019 Summer IGA News - including: Eye drop adherance training - the IGA takes to the road!, Virtual clinics, Shedding light on an alternative to eye drops

2019 Spring IGA News - including: The impact of Brexit on the supply of medicines, Driving improvements at the DVLA, Campaigns; World Glaucoma Week and Ramadan and Charles Bonnet Syndrome

2019 Winter IGA News - including: A Year in the life of the IGA Professor, Glaucoma from a different perspective, Research recruitment: vision and the sleep-wake transition study

2018 Autumn IGA News - including: Your questions answered from the Annual Lecture, Research recruitment: glaucoma information research study

2018 Summer IGA News - including: Glaucoma: What's on the horizon? by Professor Keith Martin; Research recruitment The shape of things to come: a new way of looking at functional vision in glaucoma.

2018 Spring IGA News- including: Research recruitment eye drops study; Googles deep mind announcement and Patients experience of glaucoma & opacification.

2018 Winter IGA News- including: The Powys project; updated NICE glaucoma guidelines and Michael Elwood’s story on ‘Living with glaucoma’.

2017 Autumn IGA News- including: Research grant awards 2016-17; 2018 AGM speaker line up and January 2017 survey results.

2017 Summer IGA News- including: Research recruitment- participants without glaucoma required; Wellcome Trust- New eye tests detects early glaucoma signs; A day in the life of Eryl Williams (IGA BDM)

2017 Spring IGA News- including: School of health sciences- participants wanted for a research study; The National optical council annual conference; Ruth McKeand- glaucoma story

2017 Winter IGA News- including: Primary angle closure glaucoma and the effectiveness of lens extraction; DVLA- launch of online service for reporting new diagnosis of glaucoma and Trabeculectomy- a personal experience by Keith Morris.

2016 Autumn IGA News- including: Tool kit predict medication non-adherence, duo awarded £25,000; Sight loss warning for Croydon’s African Caribbean community and a day in the life of Sightline.

2016 Summer IGA News- including: Janice Krushner memorial lecture (Mitochondria & Glaucoma) and National Glaucoma Awareness week- patients stories.

2016 Spring IGA News- including: David (Ted) Garway-Heath biography; Volunteer news- be a part of our panel and Becky’s blog.

2015 Winter IGA News- including: Aston University- Do you have visual field loss?; New DVLA digital computer service and Becky’s blog.

2015 Autumn IGA News- including: Santen launches TAPTIQOM preservatives- free fixed combination eye drops in the UK and Republic of Ireland; Introducing the “Glaucoma in perspective app”.

2015 Summer IGA News- including: Michael Ellwood personal glaucoma story; New IGA website.

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