The IGA has worked effectively with businesses and Government to raise awareness of glaucoma, to improve the lives of people living with glaucoma and to help with fundraising.


Santen Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

We are very grateful for the support from Santen, as a result of their contribution we have been able to cover the cost for the printing of our Dry eye syndrome booklet. We are also working in collaboration with Santen to produce a series of films about glaucoma, the tests which are used to detect the condition, the support available and some of the issues that people have with the most common treatment which is eye drops. 


Vision Express 

Since 2015, the IGA has been working with Vision Express to increase professional knowledge of the condition and to increase awareness amongst the general public. We believe that everyone should have an eye health check every two years, as early detection of glaucoma literally saves sight.



From 2016, we have worked in partnership with Specsavers to raise awareness of glaucoma and to help train retail staff about the condition and it's treatment, specifically helping staff to understand the difficulties in taking eye drops and how they can help. The IGA receives £10,000 annually in recognition of this partnership work. 


The Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) 

The IGA also works closely with the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to provide representation for people with glaucoma and to improve the systems, processes and way in which people with glaucoma are managed when reporting glaucoma in both eyes to the DVLA. We have been working with the DVLA since 2013 and have helped to develop an online system for reporting glaucoma, developed systems allowing people to raise concerns individually with the DVLA, effected change with people now being able to request a copy of their visual field test and clarified the testing conditions that should be met when taking a driving visual field test at the approved optometrist. 


If you would like to find out more, or want to know more about supporting IGA, please contact: Karen Osborn by email or phone 01233 64 81 64