#Eye Health EU: campaign to raise awareness about preventable sight loss on World Sight Day

The IGA is a member of a European Coalition for Vision, and together with the European Forum Against Blindness and EU EYE we are supporting a campaign to raise awareness about preventable sight loss. Blindness and vision loss can be prevented or treated in at least 50% of cases, but diagnosis is key.

The message of the campaign is to talk about eyes! Vision loss and blindness require the attention of policy makers. As Europeans live longer and longer, there is the need to look at mechanisms for identifying eye conditions early on, especially with at risk groups, in order to help people across Europe to age healthily. 

You can help by tweeting a selfie. Simply click on the image below to download it and then take a selfie using the messages:

  • Help us raise awareness about preventable #blindness on #WorldSightDay #EyeHealthEU. Let's work together for better eye health. 

Talk about eyes!