National Eye Health Week 2019

#glaucomasters take over our social media

National Eye Health Week runs from 23-29 September and our theme for this year is “Live Well with Glaucoma.”  We want to share some positive stories of people with glaucoma.  So far, so typical.  But this time, it’s via a social media takeover.

For those of you who don’t know your Facebook Live from your Instagram Stories, this is where we hand over the controls of our social media accounts to some of our supporters, and let them tell their stories.

Why, I hear you ask?  Because, people feel empowered when they tell their stories, our wider supporters love to hear more about others with the condition, and we get to increase our engagement and awareness by hijacking our supporters’ followers.  Win, win, win.

We’re really excited about this campaign – we’ve never done anything like this and it will be lovely to post more content online generated by our supporters.  This is all part of our move towards increased digital engagement.  It’s a step into the unknown, but we hope we can reach new audiences who want to learn more about glaucoma and living well with the condition.  Thanks to our #glaucomasters for their support in this campaign.

Keep an eye out on our social media from 23 September.