IGA Drops And You (#DropsAndYou)

IGA Drops And You (#DropsAndYou) 18-24 September 2017

Each year the IGA joins together with other eye care charities and organisations to promote the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all through National Eye Health Week. This year, the IGA launched a campaign which encourages people to understand the role that eye drops play in glaucoma, and demonstrates techniques and equipment which is available to help.

Entitled “IGA Drops And You” we have produced a series of short films featuring one of our regional managers Subhash Suthar.  Subhash is passionate about talking to people about eye drops and showing people simple and easy ways to take drops. As a pharmacist Subhash has great empathy with people who have been told that drops are for life, but are not shown how to put drops in the eye, or what equipment can help.

The films can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  

Eye drop treatment

Why you have been prescribed eye drops

Opening the bottle

Different techniques to put eye drops in (part one)

Different techniques to put eye drops in (part two) including single unit dose

When to put drops in

Putting in more than one drop and wearing contact lenses

Using eye drop dispenser - Autodrop

Using eye drop dispenser - Opticare

Using eye drops dispenser - Opticare Arthro

Using eye drop dispensers - Thea Eyot and Dropaid

Last year's campaign focussed on the important role that eye drops play in saving sight, and how to take them correctly. Use your eye drops! information can be found by clicking here.