Ramadan (15 May to 14 June)

The IGA worked together with the Muslim Council of Britain to warn against stopping eye drop medication during Ramadan. Hospitals and specialists have reported that some of the population believe that instilling the drops leads to a breaking of the fast. Posters and information sheets were produced with advice on taking the drops before dawn (known as Suhoor) and after sunrise (known as Iftar).

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Glaucoma and dry eye syndrome 2018

Dry eye affects 50 to 60 per cent of people with glaucoma. If you suffer  from dry eye syndrome, you will know how debilitating dry eye can be and the impact that it can have on quality of life. It affects one in three people over the age of 65. Surprisingly many people do not know that they have the condition. We want to correct that with our campaign to run through The IGA National Glaucoma Awareness Week 2018 (4-10 June 2018).

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Free Dry Eye Syndrome leaflet

Previous campaigns have included: 

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