We pair people, who have concerns about their glaucoma treatment and have been referred for surgery, with someone who has already had the same experience. This provides extra reassurance. Contact: sightline@iga.org.uk; 01233 64 81 70 if you would like to know more.

It's not unusual for people facing different types of glaucoma treatment to feel nervous, scared and apprehensive. Speaking to someone who has already experienced these treatments can be very reassuring...

“I’d like to thank the person I spoke to at Sightline prior to my eye procedure – her professionalism and assistance was impeccable, and my request for information in respect of the Trabeculectomy procedure was super-efficient. The Trabeculectomy booklet, although daunting at first, provided me with all the necessary information for the pre-operative medication, the procedure, what to expect post-operative and much more. The lady in question put me in contact with Miss W as part of the Buddy service, and Miss W allayed any fears I had and she provided me with answers to my questions in respect of the experience of Trabeculectomy.

“I really appreciated the IGA’s assistance, and probably would not have been brave enough to have had the procedure if I had not received the assurance from the information provided from the Trabeculectomy booklet and through speaking to Sightline and my Buddy, which gave me the reassurance I needed to make an informed decision.”

Ms B