Eye drops, laser and surgery

The majority of people with glaucoma will be treated with eye drops. Eye drops are a lifelong treatment. It is important that you feel confident in using your glaucoma eye drops, and seek help and guidance from the hospital or pharmacist if you experience any difficulty. There are a range of compliances, that can help you to take your eye drops. For more information about eye drops and hints and tips on how to take them, click here.

If eye drops are not successful in lowering the eye pressure, laser or surgical treatment for glaucoma may be needed. There is more information about the different laser procedures for glaucoma in this section, including the side effects

If you or a relative would like more information, please call the glaucoma helpline. Our patient information leaflets provide more information, and the IGA also hosts a 'buddying service' to partner people with a person who has undergone the same procedure. This helps to provide extra reassurance.