The three tests

What should I do if I fall into one or more of these risk categories?

If ocular hypertension has already been diagnosed, then regular routine eye examinations will be needed in order to make sure that the condition has not developed into glaucoma. These routine examinations may be carried out at the hospital or they may be carried out by an optometrist (optician) depending on the level of pressure and whether or not treatment has been prescribed.

Anyone who is in one or more of the risk categories, should have an eye examination one or two years, whether it be at the hospital or at an optometric practice (opticians) which includes all three glaucoma tests so that if glaucoma has developed, it is detected at the earliest possible stage.

 The three tests

  •  An examination of the optic disc with a special torch or a slit lamp (ophthalmoscopy) 

  • A measurement of the pressure within the eye (the intraocular pressure) (tonometry) 

  • A check of the visual field to see if there are any signs of sight loss in the off centre part of the vision which could be a sign of the development of glaucoma (perimetry)