Glaucoma - your stories

Share your glaucoma story

Do you have experience of glaucoma? Would you share your experience of glaucoma with others to help them with the condition?  We know that reading and sharing experiences of living with glaucoma from being diagnosed, to getting to grips with eye drops and supporting family members, really helps people who may experience the same things as you. 

It would be a privilege to have your glaucoma experience on the IGA’s Share your glaucoma story on line book.  We are delighted to be able to offer this wonderful and special place where you can share your story of how glaucoma has affected you, or a loved one, while supporting others.

Tell your story

The book is also there to raise funds, reach more people and raise awareness of glaucoma by engaging our digital on-line community.  Participants are encouraging to make a donation while reading and sharing stories.  Of course, there is no obligation to donate; you will be able to both read and add your own experiences without making a contribution.

Need inspiration

We would love you to share your story too and welcome you to our glaucoma community.  Once you've told your story, you will be able to share it with family and friends as well as invite them to contribute their stories and experiences too.