Coffee and tea can lead to an increase in eye pressure (intraocular pressure) but the effect is so small that no one with glaucoma has had to stop drinking them.

People with glaucoma should not cut back on fluids, but should try to spread drinks throughout the day so that large quantities are not being consumed in a short time. As this will lead to a short-term increase in eye pressure (intraocular pressure).


A small amount of alcohol, especially wine, is well-tolerated and even exerts a protective influence on the heart and circulation. A glaucoma patient can enjoy a drink, even daily, without having to worry about the effects to eyes. In cases of acute angle-closure glaucoma , a large quantity of strong alcohol can lower the eye pressure (IOP) for a few hours. Administering alcohol as a "therapy" only makes sense, of course, if there is no other way to lower the pressure in an emergency situation.