Why was I referred to the hospital?

A referral to hospital does not necessarily mean that you have glaucoma, but it does mean that your optometrist has found signs that you may be at increased risk. This may be due to the pressure inside your eye being raised, suspicious signs when he/she looked into your eye or because your field of vision test showed the possibility of damage to your vision or even perhaps because of a combination of two or more of these factors.

Not all people referred for these reasons will have an eye problem that requires hospital treatment. With a condition such as glaucoma, which can be controlled effectively, it is important that a diagnosis is made and treatment begins quickly so that your vision can be protected. Sight lost from glaucoma is lost forever.

If nothing is found and you are discharged, it is still important that you continue to have regular routine eye examinations from your optometrist. If there are any changes in the future, you will again be given an appropriate referral to the hospital.

For more information, see our Eye clinic referral booklet or please contact Sightline on 01233 64 81 70 or by email at sightline@iga.org.uk

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For additional information on glaucoma please contact the IGA Sightline on 01233 64 81 70 or at info@iga.org.uk