Imagine what it would mean to you to gradually lose your sight, not to see your children or grandchildren clearly, no longer being able to drive. Having glaucoma can also lead to an increase in trips and falls, anxiety, isolation and an increasing dependence on others.

But blindness from glaucoma can be prevented.

£5 funds the printing and distribution of 15 patient information leaflets.

£25 covers the cost of pairing a glaucoma buddy with someone about to undergo surgery.

£75 per month pays for the IGA telephone lines, enabling our team to be in contact with anyone who needs us.



To help us support patients and fund reseach into the detection, management and treatment of glaucoma, please donate now.

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Michael is keen spread the word on the importance of regular eye health tests and building support for the IGA.

‘My name is Michael. I have glaucoma in both eyes. The remaining sight I have is positioned in front of me. To see, I have to move my head from side to side. I had full sight, not thinking anything could go wrong; I neglected my eye health. When I finally had an eye test, I was told I had advanced glaucoma. The sight I lost would never come back. 

In delaying the test, I lost a lot of sight, my driving licence and my job. This was an avoidable, life-changing experience. Don't be like me, book an eye test.

Since my diagnosis I have been supported by the IGA, I was pleased that they were there to provide me with help and advice.’

Your support will make a difference to people with glaucoma today and will protect future generations from unnecessary sight loss from glaucoma