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RCOphth - IGA Research Grants 2015

The 2015 RCOphth - IGA Research Award is now open and we are pleased to offer awards up to the value of £75,000; the deadline for applications is 30 January 2015.

The maximum available to one applicant is £50,000 but the grant may be divided into multiple smaller awards depending on the quality of applications.

Applicants may be trainees seeking support for a fellowship or senior researchers seeking a grant for a project. Applications are invited from departments and individuals based in UK or Eire but the research studies may be carried out elsewhere.

Animal experimentation is specifically excluded from work supported by the International Glaucoma Association Fellowships.

To find out more please contact us on 01233 64 81 64 or email us at info@iga.org.uk

Download a grant application form here: IGA-RCOphth Award Application Form 2015

Please note the acceptance of the IGA research contract is a prerequisite of applying for research funding. If any changes are proposed to the research contract, and require legal review, the costs accrued will be deducted from the research grant. You can download the Research Grant Agreement from the Research Grant Agreement section of this website.

Congratulations to the 2013 IGA/RCOphth Award Winners:

Prof Chris Hammond – King’s College London, St. Thomas’ Hospital Campus, London – awarded £49,882.00

Project Title: Investigation of the utility of cascade screening in high-risk family members of African-Caribbean glaucoma cases

Summary: The purpose of this project is to understand whether a targeted screening approach is successful in a group at high risk of glaucoma, who are traditionally poorly served by Health Services, namely family members of African-Caribbean patients with primary open angle glaucoma. In addition to detecting those with glaucoma, they will also be in contact with those at risk of developing glaucoma in the coming years. For these individuals, these baseline tests will help with future diagnosis, and detect and track changes in the optic disc or visual field. This will allow an opportunity to educate the participants on the importance of a regular, comprehensive glaucoma evaluation.

Mr Ian Murdoch – Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL, London – awarded £30,000.00

Project Title: Primary glaucoma treatment trial in Kenya and South Africa – SLT vs medication

Summary: The purpose of this study is to compare two approaches to first line therapy of primary open angle glaucoma in an African population.

Mr Sheng Lim – St Thomas’ Hospital, London – awarded £14,253.00

Project Title: The contribution of Altered Aqueous Dynamics in the Development of Raised Intraocular Pressure in Patients with Uveitis

Summary: This will be the first study of this kind addressing the specific effect of uveitis on aqueous humour dynamics. It will lead to a better understanding of this potentially blinding condition and allow clinicians to develop better treatment strategies for these patients in order to preserve their sight.

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